Ladies and gentlemen, here we are with the key players of the World Championship: THE TEAMS!

Let’s present the most historical and succesful team of powerchair hockey: The Netherlands. In the nation where this amazing sport was born the tradition has grown big talents and a solid team. Will The Oranges be able to reach the highest place of this World Championship obtaining their 7th gold medal?

Let’s discover how they present their selves…

“The Dutch (orange) team consists of 10 players from different clubs all over the country.
Because Holland is rather small, we are able to train periodical with all players. That’s a
big advantage.
The team attending the World Championship is the same team that won the European
Championships two years ago. It’s a good balanced team with old and young together of
which two are female players.
We like to play powerchair hockey in a way that spectators enjoy watching. High ball
rotation in combination with individual technical skills is how we aim to win our games.
And we are famous because of our supporters!


From all of us good luck to team The Netherlands:

play this game #asneverbefore!

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