Ladies and gentlemen, here we are with the key players of the World Championship: THE TEAMS!

Switzerland is like a coffer hidden above the Alps, full of history, natural beauties, food specialties and human inventiveness. A little and quiet country with a big tradition also in sports, where powerchair hockey found one of his best homes. The place where the most used chair is build with a careful work, like a luxury watch.

Teams are not so numerous: there two Swiss Leagues but the coach of the National team put together a great group choosing very good profiles. A group that is showing a constant growth in the last years… we are ready to see if they are ready to climb the world ranking!

“We have 2 Leagues, League A and League B. In League A we have 4 Teams and in League B we have 7 Teams. Then we have a Swiss Cup with all Teams. In 2018 we play 10 years with the National Team EM and WM. In the moment we have players in the Team from: Iron Cats Zuerich, Rolling Thunder Bern, Torpedo Ladenburg from Germany and ZEKA-Rollers Aargau”

From all of us good luck to team Switzerland:

play this game #asneverbefore!

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