Ladies and gentlemen, here we are with the key players of the World Championship: THE TEAMS!

It seems that they have seven lifes, but they are not cats: they are athlets, they are the Red Devils, the Powerchair Hockey National Team of Belgium, #RoadToTheFuture is their motto!

Orphan of its hero Bjorn Sarrazyn that has lead Belgium through the highest results, the team has set the base to build a strong and powerful group in order to reach again the top of powerchair hockey! Let’s read their history, maybe this is the right time to win?

“The national team was founded to play in 1998 in the World Cup in Utrecht, The Netherlands, where it ended on the 9th place. After a break for some years a 4-Country tournament in 2003 was organized in Belgium and the “Red Devils” ended as runner-up for that tournament. During the first WC 2004 in Helsinki and the first EC 2005 in Rome Belgium was a subtopper. But more and more experience was gain. A special feeling was the organization and participation of the “Red devils” during the EC in the own country in 2008. After that, a new staff was appointed and a new wind was blown through the national team, with a 2nd place during EC 2012 and WC 2014 as a highlight. A 4th place during the last EC 2016 meant an end to a wonderful era for us. With a new staff and a nearly new team we can speak of a fresh start and maybe, who knows, within a few years we are at the top again!


From all of us good luck to team Belgium:

play this game #asneverbefore!

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