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Stefano Toppano e Chiara De Nipoti founded ORO CAFFÈ in 1987. The company is specialized in the selection, roasting and blending of the world’s best coffees. Today the company is lead by the entire family: the daughters Elisa, Marketing Manager, and Ketty, Information Technology and Canada country Manager joined the company in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Located in Tavagnacco (UD) ORO CAFFÈ roasts the finest quality coffee for a daily production of 6,000 Kg of coffee beans, which can be tasted in about 2.000 locations in Italy. Since 1989 ORO CAFFÈ exports to over 30 countries, including Canada trough a direct branch since 2014. Since 2009 the ORO CAFFÈ School offers a complete training about coffee culture and techniques of coffee preparation. Since 2013 we have been the first in Europe to join the Beyond Fair Trade project, integrating Thai coffee Doi Chaang in the range of blends. In March 2015 ORO CAFFÈ opened ADORO CAFÈ, the first of coffee six coffee shops: a project created with the aim of spreading the culture of espresso and Italian traditional quality coffee.

We’ve met the guys and we really liked their attitude and commitment to this sport project, they are willing to do something important for their community and we wish we can give little support to their initiative.

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