The Local Organizing Committee, named by the Italian Federation of Wheelchair Hockey, is in charge of the organization and management of the whole event.

Discover the five members and contact them for any kind of information!


My name is Stefano Occhialini and I’m from Ancona. I started playing powerchair hockey in 1997, when the team of my own town, Dolphins Ancona, was founded. Since 2005 I’ve been Chairman of ASD Dolphins Ancona H.C. and a player too. I was a player in the National Team from 1999 to 2006, and this experience was extremely useful for me to see the situation of this sport abroad and understand the level of powerchair hockey in Europe and in the wider world too. As a player, I participated in many tournaments in Europe and in North America and also hosted other teams. With my own team, I organized some international tournaments in my country, in order to grow and promote powerchair hockey.

As executive sports, in addition to my responsibilities in ASD Dolphins, I am, for the third term, a member of FIWH board, and I’m now one of most experienced members of FIWH.


I was appointed by FIWH as Chairman of the LOC, and my tasks will be to coordinate LOC and to interface witch IPCH and IWAS. Together with my group, I would like to make one of the best tournament ever seen. To achieve this purpose, I offer all my experience as manager and as powerchair hockey player.


My name is Benedetta De Cecco and I’m a young woman from Udine. I graduated in Public Relations at the University of Udine with a thesis about the importance of a public relator in the organization of events for non-professional team sports. At the moment, I’m attending a Master Class in “Sport Business Management” in Rome promoted by the Business School of “Sole 24 Ore”.

I’ve been playing powerchair hockey in the Madracs Udine ASD team since 2010 and I’m also a member of our team Council and I’m completely in love with it. I take care of organization issues about all activities of the team.


I’m responsible for Communication and I will take care of all aspects concerning communication and promotion of the tournament. I will use all my knowledge to organize a great Championship that I imagine will be spectacular both as a sport event and for the moments of celebration. I’ll follow the communication staff and everything linked to the image of the IPCH WC.

Stay tuned, this world championship will be a great experience!


My name is Massimo Lazzarini. I was born in Venice. I met powerchair hockey for the first time in 1995 when UILDM section of Venice asked me to help as coach of the new powerchair hockey team Green Lions Venice. I had no experience at this time, but I accepted willingly this opportunity. The team played only three season, then we had to stop because many players could not continue for worsening physical health. In 2011 some UILDM guys wanted to form a new team and asked me again to be the coach, because of my previous experience. So, thanks to the collaboration between POL Terraglio and UILDM Venice, Black Lions were created. In two years many players started to play and a second team was born too: Treviso Bulls.

At the moment, I’m in the Black Lions board and I’m also Vice coach.


I was chosen to be the head of logistic and transports for WC2018. I can carry out this task thanks to the knowledge I have about the Village and because I have an organising spirit. I’ll do my best to provide the guests with every comfort and maximum hospitality.


My name is Ivan Minigutti, I’m from Udine. I met powerchair hockey by chance in 2010, when my home team (Madracs Udine) was founded. It was love at first sight for this sport. I play as T-stick, I trained a lot and I listened to the advice of older players, I watched as many matches as I could and I was always very curious about every aspect of our game: from technology to tactics. My desire is to make powerchair hockey more well-known and respected. Over time, I gained the trust of my team mates and of Madracs Udine ASD associated. They chose me both as Chairman of my Association and as head coach.  It’s an honour and I want to pay it back with passion and dedication both for the development of my beloved team and for the growth of powerchair hockey. I bring to LOC my background made of passion and experience both as a player and as a manager.


My task for this event is to be the head of the secretariat. I have to sort all the communications and to coordinate the activities of the working group. Moreover I have a good knowledge of the territory and for this reason I can suggest the best places where to find what we need.


My name is Elena Ciarrocchi and I live in Ancona. 

I got the chance to discover Powerchair Hockey thanks to UILDM (Italian Muscular Dystrophy Association) in Ancona. I started as a volunteer during my civil service training but after that I kept following the trainings of Dolphins Ancona team, and by getting day by day more involved and growing fond to the players I couldn’t help myself from following the Team during the National League both in home and away games. In 2015 I became board member of the team with the role of secretary and treasury officer.

When last April 2017 I was asked to join the Organising Committee of the IPCH World Championship as Finances Officer I accepted the challenge.


In my role I will have to keep an eye on the health of the LOC budget and coordinate the administrative and finance side of sponsorship contracts and agreements. In addition to this I will work in coordination with the FIWH Secretariat ensuring that the expenses are all correctly reported and executed. 

I will also provide invoicing, payments, orders, reimbursements to the companies, people, stakeholders and third parties in any way involved in the competition.