Day four of races in Lignano Sabbiadoro:
The challengers for the highest places of this powerchair world championship were defined today.

Lignano Sabbiadoro 29 September 2018 – It was a thrilling day today here at Villaggio Bella Italia, since play off and semifinals that defined the challengers of tomorrow’s finals, were played. The final between Italy and Denmark, the winner of the challenge with the Netherlands, will take place at 5 p.m.

Switzerland beated Australia 22 to 0 this morning, conquering the access to the final for the fifth and sixth place, that will be contended with Belgium, winner of the the race with Canada (13 to 0). Super hot afternoon with two matches that enflamed the enthusiasm of the supporters. The Netherlands vs Denmark ended up with a win for Denmark, who with a memorable result,
accessed the final. Super exciting match the one between Germany and Italy: 1 to 1 at the end of the normal times obliged the teams to play the suplemental times. The winner was proclamed by the penalties that decrated the victory of Italy for 5 to 4.

A lot of enthusiasm demonstrated during the day both in the field and in the bleachers. Luca Pancalli President of the Italian Paralimpic Comitee, was there and had the chance to appreciate the determination and the agonism of all the players. Hard-fought and tenses games those that took places this afternoon, that ended up with the exclusion of the Netherlands from the first two places of the rank.

Tomorrow, the 30th of Septermber, the matches that will decrete the final rank of the World Championship, will take place. At 9.30 Australia and Canada will compete for the seventh and the eighth place.At 12 it will be time for Switzerland against Belgium. During the afternoon it will be time for the big finals: at 14.30 the match to conquer the third step of podium between the Netherlands and Germany; at 17 there will be the match between Italy and Denmark for the gold medal.

All the matches will be broadcasted in streaming on the website….and on the Youtube Powerchair Hockey channel.

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