IWAS Powerchair Hockey (IPCH) is a sports committee under IWAS that focuses on the development of Powerchair Hockey worldwide.

It is led by the Sport Executive Committee, which is responsible for several smaller committees that each focus on one aspect: marketing and communication, development, the training and controlling of referees/jury members/classifiers, events and technics.

IPCH is the source where all information and rules of Powerchair Hockey are collected. It strives to help nations worldwide as much as possible in the development of the sport, by giving a lot of tips to nations, organizing development events and organizing courses for classifiers, jury members and referees.

It works hard to make the growing community bigger and better every day, and to improve the sport on all levels. It also organizes sports assemblies, where the SEC and representatives from all nations debate about new rules or developments in the sport.

IPCH is also responsible for the EC’s and WC’s. Every two years, the Sports Executive Committee (SEC) of IPCH collects bids from nations that are willing to organize the EC/WC. By conducting site inspections, the SEC determines which bid will guarantee the best possible EC/WC. As soon as the SEC accepts a bid, it works together with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) to ensure all preparations go to plan and the EC/WC is a success.

Thanks to the dedication of IPCH and the participating nations, Powerchair Hockey has turned into a fantastic sport, and it’s getting closer to becoming a Paralympic sport.

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