Famiglie SMA


Famiglie SMA

We are a parents’ association. We have been at the forefront for years to fight the rare genetic disease which has been diagnosed to our kids: spinal muscular atrophy, also known under the acronym SMA. We came together, organised ourselves and never gave up. So we became determined and always at the forefront to help those families with kids affected by SMA, to support the research so that this disease will be less and less scary in the future. Our association was born in 2001, thanks to a very tenacious dad. As a non-profit organisation we have become very well know and are now a landmark for doctors, researches and for all the families of kids and adults suffering from SMA. “Famiglie SMA” supports projects involving the welcoming and support of new parents, the assistance to kids through a more effective information and education of both families and healthcare professionals, the financial support of research aimed at finding a cure for the SMA, the promotion and support of clinical testings for the SMA.

The Wheelchair Hockey is one of the favourite sport activities of the Italian kids and teenagers suffering from SMA. Our Association wants to be in the front row to support our champions and the other players of the World Competition.

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