Switzerland also told us about the team’s emotions ahead of the Championship; In particular we interviewed the captain, Raphael Bachmann, and the coach Raphaël Mathis, read what they told us…

What’s your name?

Capitan: Raphael Bachmann

Coach: Raphael Mathis

What’s the player of your team that’s makes you go crazy?

Capitan: All of them

Coach: Inhelder, Ohenringen, Rolli…

What are your goals for the World Championship?

Capitan: Semi finals

Coach: Gold medal

What’s National Team are you scared about? Why? And what player?

Capitan: I wouldn’t be a good player if I would been scared of my opponents.

Coach: We respect every team but we focus on us.

What’s your biggest dream as powerchair hockey lover?

Capitan: Participate at the Paralympics.

Coach: Win the Paralympics in PCH.

Who will win the World Championship?

Capitan: Switzerland

Coach: Switzerland

Give a message to all your supporters.

Capitan: Hopp Schwiiz!

Coach: Go big or go home!


See you in Lignano Sabbiadoro!



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