Also the Netherlands coach, Paul Mennink, has revealed us feelings and ambitions that he expects from this world Championship; are you curious? Read the interview below!

What’s your name?

Coach: Paul Mennink

What’s the player of your team that’s makes you going crazy?

Coach: That’s Pascal, our goal keeper. A very modest guy but famous for his saves on crucial moments

What are your goals for the World Championship?

Coach: To perform as a team, players & all staff together. Only then we will be able to prolong our title

What’s National Team are you scared about? Why? And what player?

Coach: We respect all our opponents because of their individual and team skills. Not one team or player particular.

Personally, I’m looking forward to play against Canada since we never played against them before.

What’s your biggest dream as powerchair hockey lover?

Coach: My dream as powerchair hockey lover is simple: I hope that each country will grow with respect to the number of players. Year in year out.

 Who will win the World Championship?

Coach: Netherlands

Give a message to all your supporters.

Coach: Dutch supporters are the best and orange too!


See you in Lignano Sabbiadoro!



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