Don’t miss the interview to another of the big eights team: they are ready to play in Lignano Sabbiadoro. Read below what the captain, Kristoffer Hansen, and his coach, Berrie Hommel, said about this World Championship!

What’s your name?     
Capitan: Kristoffer Hansen
Coach: Berrie Hommel

What’s the player of your team that makes you go crazy?
Capitan: I wouldn’t say any player makes me go crazy. As a team we need to figure out, before we go in to  the field, if there is any problems
Coach: No one

What are your goals for the World Championship?
Capitan: I would really hope that Denmark win a medal and we will advance in the world ranking
Coach: It would be nice to win third place

What national team are you scared of? Why? And what player?
Capitan: I wouldn’t say I am scared of any of them. I would say that I am looking forward to some really great matches
Coach: None of them

What’s your biggest dream as a powerchair hockey lover?
Capitan: My biggest dream is to win the World Cup. To be on the top of the sport and to see it grow especially in Denmark
Coach: As a player I fullfilled every dream, because we won it all. As a coach I want to go for a medal.

Who will win the World Championship?
Capitan: Denmark
Coach: The Netherlands

Give a message to all your supporters
Capitan: Cheer for us – we will be there.
Coach: I hope the supporters will support us whether we are winning or losing


See you in Lignano Sabbiadoro!


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