Now is the turn of a team that will reach Lignano Sabbiadoro from overseas: Canada!

Read the interview with the team captain, Haris Farid, and the coach, Seamus Britton, to find out what they expect from this long journey!

What’s your name?

Capitan: Haris Farid

Coach: Seamus Britton

What’s the player of your team that’s makes you go crazy?

Capitan: Austin Merkley

Coach: Ramin Raunak

What are your goals for the World Championship?

Capitan: To win the championship, try my best, and enjoy the overall experience!

Coach: To leave a lasting positive impression.

What’s National Team are you scared about? Why? And what player?

Capitan: Being the host city and team, Italy will want to win it all in front of their own fans, friends and families

Coach: It’s a toss up between the host team and the standing champions.

What’s your biggest dream as powerchair hockey lover?

Capitan: To represent Canada at the highest possible competitive level, hopefully at the Paralympics!

Coach: To see powerchair hockey played at the Paralympics.


Who will win the World Championship?

Capitan: Canada

Coach: Canada

Give a message to all your supporters.

Capitan: Thank you for all the encouragement to continue playing the sport I love, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to play at the IWAS Championships.

Coach: We’re living the dream!


See you in Lignano Sabbiadoro!



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