Nine months, nine regions, twenty-four powerchair hockey teams, hundreds of photographies, one unique goal: promoting IWAS Powerchair Hockey World Championship. This has been the flag tour around Italy promoted by the Local Organizing Committee in order to spread the enthusiasm of hosting this huge event and to raise awareness for powerchair hockey in every corner of our peninsula. A simple way to involve people allowing them to share their entity under the colors of the same flag: a big and unique competition hosted in our territory.

Everything started in November 2017 when every Italian team recived one of the official flags of the World Championship and a vademecum. The teams were asked to take a picture with the flag during their ordinary life, trainings, official matches, trips in the city center and so on. They had only one mandatory task: share their passion for powerchair hockey and having fun. It has been a long and committing trip along Italy but the result has been surprising!

Almost all Italian teams partecipated by sending their photos that have been posted online in the official social media accounts both on Facebook and Instagram. Twenty three photos that shown on one hand how big thing powerchair hockey is in Italy and on the other the commitment to promote the World Championship. A big opportunity that our movement decided to share with its supporters.

This has been the first of the several communication activities organized in order to spread the word about the World Championship not only among participants and Powerchair Hockey fans but also among all the sport lovers. In fact, the event, hosted in Lignano Sabbiadoro from the 24th of September to the 1st of October, has the principal aim to broadcast this sport and the Italian movement as never before.

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