Month: October 2017


At Dacia Arena the draw for the Powerchair Hockey World Championships’ groups

Milan, 26 Oct 2017 – A special partner will start the race for ITALY 2018, the powerchair hockey World Championships. The large launch event for the world competition, which is going to go off in Lignano Sabbiadoro since 24 September until 1 October 2018, will take place on Thursady 2 October, since 19.30, in the press conference room. There will be two turning points to kick off the evening in the prestigious Friulian location: a news conference to present the upcoming event and a following drawing ceremony to delineate the world cup’s rounds.

The last June Italy was oficially announced having won the bidding procedure to host the World Cup, bringing pride both to the Organizing Committee and to the whole Italian hockey movement. The main goal is to realize a memorable event in order to reflect the remarkable rise of the Paralympic sport movement and in particular the one of Italian wheelchair, or powerchair, hockey. Passion, competitive spirit and inclusion are the values that the Organizing Committee wants to convey through this World Cup. Over seven days, 8 National teams will live in close contact, both challenging themselves on the court and locking in a large, colourful embrace outside the court, as only major sport events allow.

From the first step the Organizing Commettee started to work in the Friulian surroundings in order to drag in the local organisations in sight of the major competition that will take place the next fall. Following this effort the Committee has found the first of a large series of partners, the Udinese Calcio S.p.A. The Club has immediately took an interest in this project, lauch pad for the ordainment of the whole international hockey movement. It was clear since the first meeting that Udinese Football Club is going to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Organizing Committee, hosting the drawing ceremony in the press conference room of one of the best Italian stadiums, Dacia Arena.

The Dacia Arena will be the wonderful scenario for an event which will kick-start the race to the World Championships. The news conference is going to take place at 19.30 in the press conference room of the stadium, with interventions by National and International Federations representatives in order to display the competition in the presence of delegations of National teams, Federal bodies and local authorities. After that, at 20.15, there will be the milestone of the evening: the draw will decide which teams will face off in the first part of the competition. Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and the United States (for the first time in a World Cup) are the 8 National teams that are waiting to be drafted into the two groups. Here we go! That moment, in fact, will be the official inception of the IWAS Powerchair Hockey World Championship – Italy 2018.

Who may be interested in a guided tour of the Dacia Arena must get a reservation. The tour will start at 18.30, followed by a free buffet.


A prestigius “test event” foreseeing the Powerchair Hockey World Championships “Italy 2018”

Rome, 18 Oct 2017 – A high level international tournament is going to open the race towards the Powerchair Hockey World Championships, which will take place in Lignano Sabbiadoro from 24 September until 1 October 2018. The IWAS Five Stars International Tournament will involve five European teams that are going to confront, foreseeing the World Cup, from 31 October till 5 November 2017.

The Bella Italia EFA Village in Lignano Sabbiadoro will be the heart of an event to live from A to Z, as well as being selected to host the World Championships. As a matter of fact, the international tournament is going to be an actual “test event” not only for the teams involved, but also for the organizing part. As proposed by Italian Wheelchair Hockey Federation, the event has been formally acknowledged as official by the international authority, which has incidentally asked the promoters to completely respect the rules expected for the World Cup. The Organizing Committee chosen by FIWH will indeed be the same that is working for next World Championship since the beginning of this year, and with a competition of such international importance it will also be possible to test both the location and the organizing team..

Two days of courses, controls and evaluation sessions will forerun three days of matches, starting the 3 November, in which Italy, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany are going to challenge for the first place. “I’m honored to host such a prestigious tournament and pleased to give Coach Saul Vadalà the possibility to verify the psycho-physical condition of his crew against high-level National Teams. It’s a crucial test to prepare the upcoming World Cup, to which we believe we will get in a dazzling fitness.” has declared Antonio Spinelli, FIWH President.

Not only will it be the same location and the same organizating group to bond together these major international competitions. Also, during the IWAS Five Stars International Tournament will take place the Drawing Ceremony for the World Championships in collaboration with a special partner which is going to make available its facilities. The drawing of the two World Cup’s rounds will take place on Thursday 2 November, since 19 o’clock, in the press conference room of Dacia Arena, in collaboration with Udinese Football Club, in order to define the Teams that will face up in the first part of the competition.