Month: August 2017


Italy 2018 – Our World Championship

Lignano Sabbiadoro, in particular the Bella Italia EFA Village, will be hosting the 2018 World Powerchair Hockey World Championships, having prevailed over a rival bid from a prestigious competitor such as the Czech capital Prague. The Local Organizing Committee, the Italian Wheelchair Hockey Federation and the entire Italian powerchair hockey community are very proud to have had the opportunity to bring an event of such importance to Italy.
Our goal is to create a memorable, all-round event that reflects the growth of Paralympic sport in Italy, and of powerchair hockey in particular. The tournament will take place in the Friuli region in north-eastern Italy from 24 September to 1 October 2018, attracting the attention of many hundred fans worldwide, who will attend the matches in person or follow them online. The live stream will enable distant fans to feel as if they were inside the sports arena, appreciating the speed and tactics of the game and sharing the joy of cheering for their team.

Passion, competitive spirit, inclusion are the values that the organizing committee wants to convey through this World Cup. Over a period of seven days eight European and non-European teams will live in close contact, challenging themselves on the court, no holds barred, but holding onto a large, colourful hug outside the court, as only major sporting events allow to happen. Seven days of competitions that will involve not only athletes but also fans of the respective national teams, all united around a single ideal: to promote Paralympic sport at its highest levels.


Italy will host the IWAS Powerchair Hockey World Championship

Finally, it is official: PowerChair Hockey World Championship 2018 will be hosted by Italy. The Bella Italia EFA Village in Lignano Sabbiadoro will host the world’s largest competition of PowerChair Hockey from 24th September to 1st October 2018, hosting the 8 teams regularly qualified for the competition coming from all over the world.

On Friday, June 10th, IWAS (International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports) and IPCH (IWAS PowerChair Hockey) announced, after months of waiting and work, the winners of the bidding procedure, now appointed to host the largest international competition in PowerChair Hockey. The Local Organization Committee is very proud of this achieved goal and every member is very satisfied with the amazing news that pays back the last six months of hard work.

Two nations have ran to host the competition, Italy and the Czech Republic, and many points had to be analyzed and evaluated by the International Commission in order to choose the best proposal. Not only paper files and video presentations, but also two site inspections of both accommodation and sport venues have led to the appointment of the Bella Italia EFA Village, with great pleasure and pride of the entire Italian Wheelchair Hockey Federation, which strongly wanted and promoted this candidacy since the very first moment, and hundreds of enthusiasts.

PowerChair Hockey is the only team sport really for everyone: not only it actively engages athletes with severe and progressive motor disabilities; but also there are no age or sex limits. It is played 5 against 5 (a goalkeeper and 4 field players), those players who have greater mobility are able to play with an hand stick while those who have a lower functional movements can use the “T -stick” a “T” shaped tool that is mounted on the front of the powerchair and allows control and passing of the ball.

Fundamental to the Local Organizing Committee was the choice of the Sports Village of Lignano Sabbiadoro as proposed location to host the World Championship 2018. The sports facilities are perfect as well as their positioning (just 200mt from the accommodation) and accessibility. In addition, the 13 welcoming and hospitable structures have led the Village into an ideal place to host athletes, delegates, personal assistants, officials and supports in the same place, endorsing the philosophy of enjoying the competition together and of developing the integration and networking among participants.

“We are particularly proud of this success and, in particular, of being chosen once again by IWAS and IPCH. Hosting the World Championship for the second time (the first in the 2010 in the same location) it is an honour but also a commitment for our developing movement. I congratulate the Local Organization Committee that made an extraordinary effort to build a valiant and captivating proposal following the desire of the whole Federation and the National team” the overwhelming comment by the President of the Italian Wheelchair Hockey Federation, Antonio Spinelli.

So, do not miss the date with the World Championship: from the 24th of september to the 1st of October 2018 Lignano Sabbiadoro will be filled with colors, competition and passion. A World Championship like you’ve never had seen before!